Monday, 6 July 2009

The Vicious Wine Circle

About once a month, the local group of drunks who buy a lot of their wine from Smooth Tony (posts passim) get together for lunch, the main purpose being to drink a lot of wine that isn't made by Tony, thus giving all of us a sort of pleasing interval from the wines of Veneto.
The venue yesterday was Casa Combo and the bottle count by 5 o'clock was 16 (including the Jeroboam of Freisa, a raspberryish, highly gluggable local red). Yes, the Jero is still unfinished but I'm going to sort it out tonight. There were ten of us at table, usual rules, women etc so the average consumption was about three bottles per male, maybe a bit more. I apologise for the plastic bottle of water. The two unfinished bottles of white wine were brought by Bruno and were undrinkable; I did not include those in the total. There are two bottles of spirits; one is an excellent bottle of Welsh whisky which got a big thumbs up and the other, towards the foreground, is Norwegian Aquavit which received mixed reviews.
Post Pig Party Update.
Mrs Combo last week went into the local town. One woman who she hardly knows came up to her and said, smirking, "Did your husband manage to get home OK on Sunday morning?" And then she saw the 22 year old daughter of a friend who reported that she saw your correspondent sitting at an outdoor table at a bar, trying to decide which of the five drinks I had in front of me I should take on first. Oh the shame!


Vinogirl said...

Sounds interesting, but I'm more intrigued by the cork-on-a-stick. New type of Hors d'Ĺ“uvre?

Affer said...

Look: don't be ashamed. Indecision can affect us all from time to time.

Peter Ashley said...

Was there just the one set of car keys on the table. Or is it that you got the short straw?

Toby Savage said...

Garden's looking nice Ron. Warm and sunny there is it? Foul here.