Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Beats Me

Having contrived to close the car door on my jacket pocket which contained my precious Panasonic digital camera (another €300 down the swanee but at least it was a fairly dignified exit, the one before that drowned in Chinese fish oil) bloggin' has been even lighter than normal.
However at choir practice a tenor, a fan of modern art, passed me a photocopied page and asked me to translate into Italian the title, or description, I'm not quite sure what it is. Anyway, it is the catalogue page of the piece, a pen drawing, that he has bought.
The drawing consists of a dotted line that starts at the top and then sort of veers off to the left, below that is a squiggle with a black dot in the middle; to the right of where the dotted line starts there is what would appear to be the rendition of a 1950s plastic lampshade.
This is the title and/or description:
"Since the House is all wall and possibly not going to fall down, I go within to take a bath. Nanny has turned it on. Alone, I feel full of desire to copulate with the water, which is green and smooth coming out of the taps."