Friday, 24 July 2009

Rolling and.....action!

Combo Film Productions International is busy casting for its next blockbuster. Cheeky little minx isn't she?


Vinogirl said...

Adorable, she'd be a lovely addition to Vinoland.

WV: seaddl...did they mean saddle?

Peter Ashley said...

What an ass.

Diplomate said...

The butchery, sausage making, curing etc - fine - make a great practical documentary. My only advice is be particularly careful with the slaughter scenes, you'd be suprised how squeamish some people can be.You could just cut to a shot of an axe felling a tree, then bak to the carcass being hauled up by a hock to nearby olive tree. Look at Sam Pekinpah's work for use of slo-mo.