Saturday, 1 March 2008

Wine, wine and more wine

Our order for wine from Veneto had to be faxed by the end of February so in distinctive Italian style an ad-hoc supper was organised for the evening of the 29th with all the participating members of the buying group to decide who was having what, who was prepared to share half a demijohn and so on. Above is Smooth Tony's price list. We faxed over our order at around 11 o'clock (I think). To tell the truth the wheels started to come off at a bit earlier as we were so keen to re-sample some of his wonderful wines that a lot of the detail escapes me. I believe I have ordered one demijohn of Cabernet Franc, one demijohn of Sauvignon Bianco and half a demijohn of Pinot Grigio plus some cases of Prosecco. I'll wait for the lorry to turn up in two weeks and discover that I put my hand up for six demijohns of everything.


Peter Ashley said...

You want to be careful about ordering things when you don't know what you're doing. The late (great) Hazel Dolling of Lissan House in County Tyrone told me that her mother liked summoning stuff from Belfast from her grocer's in French. One day she ordered 'champignons' and much to her surprise a van turned up the next day full of crates of Mansion Furniture Polish.

Toby Savage said...

You know you canalways rely on a few of your old pals to come and help you drink it. Six Demijohns won't go far at, what is now known as, the 'Cardiff pace'.

Peter Ashley said...

Do you know, it's taken me ages to realise that "canalways" wasn't something to do with the Grand Union but a Savage Punctuation Error.