Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Addio, Sergio

An old mate from Milan, Sergio, was chucked-out of his favourite bar for the very last time this afternoon at five o'clock Italian time. He was a classic boozer, often funny, sometimes out of order, unpredictable, subject to violent mood swings but most of all always extremely generous. When he drank he really attacked the glass, his mouth curling back into a sneer as he downed a glass of wine. It was Sergio who bought a bottle of Pedro Ximenez sherry to go with pudding at a dinner a couple of summers ago. It dates from a 1927 Solera. I liked it so much, he insisted we have another one. And this is the bottle. He died of course from cirrhosis. Time's up Sergio. Let us other bastards get to the bar. And you lot raise a glass to Sergio. A boozer's boozer.


Peter Ashley said...

Here's to you Sergio. I'll have six St.Austell Tributes for you in the Red Cow in twenty minutes.

Justin Savage said...

Sergio farewell. Two pints of Guinness at The Eagle Tavern, just for you.

Tommy 3 jags said...

Three pints of Hog's Back TEA in memory of Sergio. We are right behind you.