Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Only in Italy...

 ...and I believe in North Korea is there a functioning communist party. Actually this being Italy, there is more than one communist party, this lot being of the Leninist faction. I think the flags are quite striking.

This is their newspaper. Unreadably dull of course. Workers of the World Unite! it says.


Peter Ashley said...

I was thinking of putting one of those white gazebos up on the lawns at Ashley Towers. Does this mean I'll start drinking Stolychnya again and become engrossed in thumbing through tractor manufacturing yearly figures?

Affer said...

Did you meet Peppone?

bazza said...

Hello Ron. Thanks for your visit to my blog. This looks like lots of fun. I think we have 'English Buildings' in common!
The flags are quite striking - so is the party membership.
And, of course, the paper is completely unreadable to me.
See you again!
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Affer said...

Vote Peppone!

Thud said...

If they were as pleasant as Peppone I wouldn't mind them but as they are not I do!

Eddie 2-Sox said...

You'd think they'd have learned by now.

Viva Berlusconi, shagging for Italia!

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