Wednesday, 28 October 2009

No Holding Back

Fibonacci was over at the weekend and there wasn't much staring out of windows, I can tell you. On the Friday it was two different bars for an aperitivo and then a restaurant with Bruno and Giulio and various other topers, then two more bars in town before moving on for one for the ditch....., a wonderfully tacky bar/disco by the swimming pool. I believe Fred and I were drinking Spritz (see posts passim) by then, but I can't be sure. The weekend after that little outing took on an altogether more sedate tone as you might imagine for men of a certain age. Chopping up wood, cleaning car windows (thanks Fred) and pretty significant consumption of more wine and mushrooms. Fred's brother, The Intrepid One, will be over shortly so if I can manage to survive that as well there is a fair chance that I might see out the winter.


Peter Ashley said...

Just a couple of observations:

Top picture: Glad to see that someone was on the Lucozade.

Bottom picture: (Good shot of the ceiling.) Good to see that the barman appears to be knocking something back straight out of the bottle.

Vinogirl said...

I hope Fred is rested enough now that he will get back to blogging.

Toby Savage said...

Good to see the Marenco label centre stage. Trust it was a freebie after the Worldwide coverage in 4x4 and Landy World??