Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Stuffed and Cellared

And there they are, those little fiery bleeders, all done and dusted, hunkering down in the dark cellar and waiting for Christmas.


A F-A said...

Phwoah! That's making me salivate!

Peter Ashley said...

Blimey, I wouldn't want to be within two hundred yards of your house on Boxing Day.

Diplomat said...

Just fantastic - the real joy, to my mind, is in the transformation from the previous posting. All very clinical and a little worrying - what with the rubber gloves ( US Department of Imigration an Border Control come sto mind). Now we see the litle beauties tucked up snug in a bath of oil, maturing and infusing, concentrating that hard earned sunlight and summer warmth into the atmosphere of the Combo household, ready to be released at Christmas. Marvelous - MORE SENSORY DELIGHT !