Monday, 22 September 2008

Get Stuffed

In an almost certainly hopeless attempt to overcome the sweaty shakes and general nausea that is the result of a 4 dayer with The Intrepid Explorer and assorted other friends from Caerdydd and Lestah, I am starting on the stuffing of some of the Combo chilli peppers this being a sort of regional speciality. They are fiery little buggers so in the cleaning process, using the tool in the pic which is essentially a 'corer', I have to wear rubber gloves. Always a bonus. Once they have been cleaned I boil them briefly in vinegar and cheap white wine and when they have dried out I stuff them with anchovies and capers and jar them under olive oil. They will be consumed at Christmas, presuming I am still of this world.


Fred Fibonacci said...

Nice one Ron. Given my forthcoming fact-finding mission you'd better hide them away. I seem to remember my Travelling Companion and I making short work of your last batch.

Peter Ashley said...

Talking of regional food, my son-in-law helped me screw my Cadbury's Cocoa (Absolutely Pure Therefore Best) enamel sign to the kitchen wall last night.

alastair fox said...

Nice gooing Ron m'ode. But doon't yoh mean Lestoh?