Monday, 29 September 2008

Blood red

Look at the wonderful colour of my peppers! And I like the way the are so knobbly and misshapen. Very appropriate at Casa Combo.
Sorry if this is a bit Under The Tuscan Sun (possibly the worst book I have ever read about Italy, lots of eulogising over food, beautiful sunsets, honest toiling peasants, cypress trees, you know the form) but normal service should be resumed from tomorrow; I am having a day off the sauce as it's Monday and I am filled with the usual post-weekend remorse.
Tomorrow there is a reception at a new university where, if I behave myself on the free drinks front, I may have the possibility of some work as a part-time lecturer.
So that's that one ruled out then.


Peter Ashley said...

What a lovely picture Ron. It reminds me I must get down to the doctor's this afternoon.

Fred Fibonacci said...

You're on to a winner there Ron. Will you pickle them?

Thud said...

do you mean life isn't like the book?...I'm shocked I tell you!...plenty of people like the writer around vinogirls.