Thursday, 2 August 2007

An Aperitivo

The aperitivo is extremely important in Italy. It's a drink you have before you eat, but breakfast is usually excluded. The range is vast and I hope to take your hand over the forthcoming months and daintily lead you through the minefield of booze that is on offer as a pre-luncheon/dinner kick-starter at bars in Italy. Today I had to go to the Big Town By The Sea. I found an old bar and piled in to a Campari Soda. It's a ready-made drink in a charming conical baby bottle. Order one in England and you'd get beaten to a pulp. Pleasantly sour and a good kick. Just the one (with company) and then off to lunch with a shedload of fish, a litre of house white and (because it's Italy) they brought a bottle of grappa to the table with the coffee. Gave that a bit of a caning. Fan-sodding-tastic. The picture shows my Campari on its way. Nice moustache, but he should be wearing a tie the bleeding scruff.

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Peter Ashley said...

I wondered what Warren Mitchell was doing now he's not on Till Death Us Do Part.