Tuesday, 7 August 2007

A Sunday not for the faint-hearted

Well, it all started innocently enough at around 11 o'clock on Sunday morning. Some friends rang and said they'd like to come up for some sunbathing, and would it be OK if they brought a roast chicken and a couple of bottles of wine? They left at just before 2 o'clock the next morning and although the sun had beaten down all day, there was no sunbathing done. The bottle count was:

1 litre Italian rose (decanted from a box)

1 btl Prosecco

2 btls Verdicchio

1 btl Claret

1 btl Barbera (150cl)

1 btl Moscato

1 btl Raboso

1 btl Sauvignon Bianco

1 btl Muller Thurgau

1 btl Merlot

The grappa bottle also made its customary appearance at around midnight.
Bottles are all 75cl except where stated.

The list above is not in order of consumption, but in bottle bank order.
And there were four of us in total.


Peter Ashley said...

The only time I had that many empty bottles in my 're-cycling box' I went to the tip at three in the morning. With my face blacked-up with boot polish.

Justin Savage said...

Ron Combo breaks cover! Are you the same Ron Combo who set out to croak Scag Henry just after the war? If so you still owe me a tenner. Kind regards, Julian.

Justin Savage said...

Dear Ron Combo. Are you still alive? I always check your blog when I get home from work, and then again before I go to bed. Nothing. Not so much as a crisp refreshing lager. Perhaps you have taken the pledge. I know someone's nicked my Mr Sheen!! Furr-narf, fur-narf, narf.