Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Heavy Drinking in Italy

Italy is a boozer's paradise really.

And I, Ron Combo, am a heavy drinker. I don't think I'm an alky, but I can't be far off. I just love boozing. It's in my genes, my father liked his pint and I'll have a go at virtually anything although I tend to draw the line at Creme de Menthe.

So this blog will detail life as a serious drinker in Italy, what Italians are like as boozers, and the culture of alcohol here. It will almost certainly be sporadic and inconsequential and may include stuff about tractors.

Set 'em up, Luigi!


Peter Ashley said...

I know Ron Combo.He once told me that if all the drinks he's ever had were laid end-to-end on the deck of the aircraft carrier USS Nemitz he'd only be half way down it. And the rest Luigi,two or three lower decks as well. At least.

Toby said...

Luigi, You clearly have far too much time on your hands, or you are one hell of a quick typist. Like those girls in the old BU typists pool in tight fitting skirts. This is hours of work. We all know 'our author friend' has bugger all else to do, but you.... really?