Saturday, 9 January 2010

Drink More Wine!

Car dealer Bruno has this (original) sign up on the wall of his dining room. I cannot think of a more appropriate place for it. Console was an organisation set up to "defend and increase sales of wine in Italy". Unfortunately your correspondent is having the standard dry January for which many apologies.


Peter Ashley said...

Get Bruno blathered and unscrew that sign for me now. Hope you're enjoying your annual trip on the Combo Wagonette. I've just polished off a brace of Badger Poacher's Choice and two or three sherry-casked Grant's and raised my brimming glass to you.

Thud said...

Your readers will attempt to take up your burden.

Vinogirl said...

Again? Didn't we go through this last January? What's up with your liver now?
I do like the sign.

Ron Combo said...

Peter: lucky you
Thud: thank you
Vinogirl: no problems with the liver, I do this every year (it used to be February for obvious reasons), but I have reverted to January. Part health, part Deferred Gratification.