Monday, 17 August 2009

Kingers on Drink

I am a big fan of Kingsley Amis and I think the above book to be a true literary classic. The hangover scene is probably one of the best-ever descriptions I have ever read. And, believe me, I know about hangovers. Nice cover, eh Peter?
I am currently re-reading Amis's "Everyday Drinking" which is a collection of pieces he wrote on booze and boozing between 1971 and 1984.

It is of course dated (there is mention of Double Diamond) and is perhaps a little too heavy on cocktails, but it is written in the typical breezy but dry Amis style and he is unsparing on his favourite bĂȘtes noires. Your Ronnie is a fan of this book because Kingers is very much of the quantity rather than quality school of boozing. You can buy the paperback here.
I thought I'd just share this cocktail with you, just to get the week off on the right, bracing note. I quote Amis in full:
The Tigne Rose
1 tot gin
1 tot whisky
1 tot rum
1 tot brandy
1 tot vodka
"Even if you keep the tots small, which is strongly advisable, this short drink is not very short. It owes its name to Tigne Barracks, Malta, where it was offered as a Saturday lunchtime apéritif in the Sergeants' Mess of the 36th Heavy A.A. Regt., R.A., to all newly joined subalterns. The sometime 2nd Lieut. T.G. Rosenthal, from whom I had the recipe, says he put down three of them before walking unaided back to his room and falling into a reverie that lasted until Monday morning parade. A drink to dream of, not to drink."
Highly recommended (the book not The Tigne Rose).


Peter Ashley said...

I never knew you had that Penguin book. Give it to me immediately. With that Nicolas Bentley illustration 'n' all. I had a couple of McCallans with Mr.K.Amis one night, and woke him up in the middle of the night when I fell out of my bed up in his attic. He called me an exceptionally rude word the next morning. What fun. Being called a "----" by Kingers.

Mrs Pouncer said...

Dear Ron, I have something hugely important to say about this post which I don't want to share with the aunts who frequent your site. I have emailed you. Please read with all available haste.

Toby Savage said...

Aunts! You call us Aunts!!! Anyway. On to more serious matters. Four pints of Timothy Taylors Landlord and about to walk unaided back to my room and fall into a reverie that will last until Tuesday morning parade.

Jon Dudley said...

Timothy Taylor's is it? Harvey's and Absinthe at dawn!

Fred Fibonacci said...

'....some small creature of the night'? That's the one isn't it Ron? Terrific book.

As an all-too (or; mercifully) infrequent visitor to your site, now that my life is so rich and fulfilled in every way, I am perplexed: why does Mrs Pouncer feel most of your visitors are in some way related? I won't enquire about the nature of her obviously personal and private message; that would be rude and ungenklemanly.

Yours ever, Fred