Monday, 10 August 2009

Blood and Guts

To the 50th birthday party of a local chap last night. His main job is selling fruit and veg on the local markets with his brother. But he also works as a stuntman and specialises in fighting. He had just returned from Pinewood Studios near London where he had been working on Russell Crowe’s latest film which is a blood and guts version of Robin Hood, although the film doesn’t have a final title yet.
What was amusing were the other guests. The Market Trader and Stuntman is a keen fan of all things ancient British/Irish and belongs to a society called La Fraternità della Spada (The Brotherhood of the Sword) which re-enacts ancient battles, and half the guests were his fellow members. There were a lot of beards, ponytails, beer bellies and celtic cross tattoos. And that was just the women.
Virtually all his presents were weapons. He got two swords, three daggers, some sort of Chinese fighting stick and, as a nod towards high culture, a 19th century book on mediaeval shields. I, predictably, gave him two bottles of St Peter's Best Bitter, cheapskate that I am. I suppose 'though that he can drink the contents, smash the bottles and gouge someone in the neck.
Mrs Combo and I decided to leave when the hairy ones all settled down around a table to talk about disembowelling techniques during The Crusades.


ChrisP said...

Nice photo...but you've got the cake upside down.

Peter Ashley said...

Working title of Ridley Scott's new Robin Hood film is Nottingham.