Sunday, 4 March 2012

Ghastly ExPat Musings

Clearly, it is wonderful to live in Italy. No Nick Clegg, no wide-boy Cameron, no licensing laws and an abundance of the whole food and wine thingy.
However it is not all sweetness and light. I have nothing else to write about, differently abled as I am. So, as I survey* my horribly swollen knee**, here are the things I miss most about Blighty. They are not in order of importance.
1. Boots the Chemist
2. County cricket
3. Evensong at St Mary Abbots, Kensington...
4. ...and going to The Elephant afterwards
5. Going to the theatre, darling
6. Mates
7. Decent ale
8. London
9. Horse racing
10. Devonshire
11. Manners (behavioural attitude, not some apocryphal butler)
12. Fevertree tonic water
13. My sister
14. Gordon's Wine Bar

*Actually, it's not that bad now
** Re-reading the last knee-related post, it does now seem a little tragic. Apologies.


Thud said...

There is no accounting for what one yearns for. When in America I miss listening to the footie results on sat anoon tv...go figure.

Vinogirl said...

Boots is pretty high on my list also :)

alastair fox said...

Ron (Vinogirl) - Sorry to say, but was in on Saturday and Boots is going down the gurgler. Will be drinking your health at the weekend. Get well xx

Toby Savage said...

Thought of you as I sipped my third pint of Timothy Taylor's Landlord just last night. Sorry!

Affer said...

Mates eh? I was always an Ona man, myself - they were packed in a little pink plastic case - but later I used Durex like everyone else. Mates I always felt were a bit on the gay side. I suppose condoms aren't available in Italy....although I am surprised that, at your time of life, you still need them.

Rate My Sausage said...

Sausages dear boy?

Mick P said...

Ah yes, dear England. After almost 9 years in Rome I still miss many things from back home, friends and family being top of the list, but ales, manners, good pubs, being able to truly quip and banter (well, as much as I ever could) and, oh, lots of things. Still, break out the speck, some sourdough bread and straight-from-the-barrel vino and things don't seem quite so bad.

No Good Boyo said...

Boots yes, as long as they are temporarily wrapped around the smouldering calves of a public librarian.