Sunday, 27 November 2011

Bar Basso, Milan

Meet Maurizio, the Anglophile owner of Bar Basso in Milan, one of the city's most traditional bars. He invented the Negroni Sbagliato in the 60s, replacing the standard measure of gin with Prosecco thus making it slightly less of an alcohol bomb. Needless to say I had a genuine Negroni, and it was superb. We had a chat, Maurizio and I, and I said I was from Devonshire and he said he liked to stay in Sidmouth. Sidmouth! Next to Budleigh Salterton it's probably the place I'd like to spend my last days in. Which may well not be that far off, if things carry on as they are. This is later on the same evening.
It's got to stop. I'm 57 FFS!


Toby Savage said...

Looks a good night and Bruno nowhere to be seen. Keep up the good work. Toby 58 and still at it.

Peter Ashley said...

Yes, keep the flag flying Ron. A friend and I did bottles of both Riocha and Harvey's Bristol Cream in over Sunday lunch yesterday. (I know, I know, should have been Barolo and Manzilla (?).)

Vinogirl said...

I have many fond memories of Sidmouth, not as many as Totnes, but still wonderful.

Philip Wilkinson said...

Ron: Keep it up, it'll soon be January, after all.

Peter: Sherry? I prefer a dry armadillo myself. But I'm only 56 and clearly a tyro in these matters.