Friday, 1 April 2011

Sweet Expectation

Thought you might like to see some genuine in-class Italian graffiti:
There is a scrawl in this one below that says "our mission is perversion" and a broken heart below. Elsewhere, not visible, is "Sesso senza amore" - "sex without love".
Rather worryingly this is in a classroom where the pupil age is 14. Presumably they're all at it like rabbits, except for the plug ugly ones of course. Interestingly, teenage pregnancies here are almost unheard of. There was a Peruvian girl in the local village who got knocked up at the age of 14 by an Albanian lad but she was whisked off, never to be seen again. Maybe here in Italy sex and love do go hand in hand when you are a young teen, but I'm too old (damn! damn!) to find out. In Blighty you are (I think this is going to sound very 1960s) either in the family way or you have a bun in the oven or you are up the duff. There's probably a lot worse too now. 
In Italy they say the woman is in dolce attesa, sweet expectation.
Says it all really.


Peter Ashley said...

I love the "Gay?" and in a different hand, smaller: "No."

Vinogirl said...

Viva la differenza!

Diplomate said...

I think the French have it "pleine" or full ! "I think I've had sufficient"

Mad Dog McClane said...

You can't trust Albanians. Or Peruvians either. And as for the damn! damn! it's a good job you're blogging from Italy. You would be strung up in the UK for thoughtcrime.

Affer said...

Shockingly illiterate....have you not been 'Ofsted'ed' recently? Who is teaching them English?