Thursday, 19 March 2009

Britannia Rules the Skies!

Well, it's nearly a Union flag. I had lifted my eyes heavenwards as I left a school in order not to look at a charming cluster of 17 year old schoolgirls in front of me and thereby avert the Pavlovian dribbling that usually follows. Could this be a portent (the vapour trails, not the girls)? Perhaps we'll beat the Aussies this Summer.


Peter Ashley said...

It's amazing what one finds on looking up into the sky. I once looked out of my window and saw that the clouds had formed a perfect map of Great Britain and Ireland. By the time I'd got the camera out it had gone. A portent for the state we're in, I expect.

Jon Dudley said...

Whatever happened to sky-writing?

I fear it is left to the county of Sussex (in a 4 day match) to bring the Aussies down to size before they meet the bigger boys.