Saturday, 12 April 2008

From the shoulder

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This is a Lega Nord election poster. Never a party to mince words, they are not too keen on new arrivals* in Italy. The gist of this little number is pretty obvious but effectively they're saying look what happened to the Red Indians after a bit of immigration... they now have to live on reservations! Marvellous stuff! Clearly they would get my vote, if I had one. I am very conscious that I have neglected Mr Booze recently (on these benighted pages at least) but normal service etc etc after the caning I plan to give it this weekend. Aux armes, mes amis!

*I think I'm OK because I am not differently pigmented, I only have one wife and I'm a crap hod carrier.


Peter Ashley said...

Lovely poster Ron, lovely post too. Can you peel one off for me? Poster that is.

A F-A said...

Hmmmm....Lega Nord may have missed something here! A delightful Navajo girl I met on my Route 66 adventure told me that the Navajo tribal lands have a definite "Keep Out the Palefaces" flavour! They speak their own language, make their own laws, raise their own taxes, have their own schools and generally have a well subsidised and carefree existence thanks to visiting gamblers and stacks of dosh from Central Gov't.

In short, they are the Welsh of America.

Toby Savage said...

Yeah, but a f-a, did you cop off with her?

A F-A said...

Knowing the requisite initiation ceremony (refer 1970 "A man called Horse")I decided that coming home for a Blodwyn, Megan or Myfanwy was a bit safer (and easier!!!!)

Stonch said...

I saw a Lega Nord poster in Bergamo (or "Berghem", as they would have it in Lombard dialect) that was very rude about Neapolitans.