Thursday, 6 May 2010

Matchstick time

Vinogirl - I need your help! It's election night and I want to stay up for as long as possible and, of course, alcohol is de rigeur. But what to drink? I'm having a crack at some Bonarda, no not the Argentinian* one but the real one from the Oltrepo Pavese region, not that far from Comboland and it is just such a perfect glugging wine, kicking in at about 12.5ยบ, just-so-slightly fizzy, a foaming purple in the glass that settles down to a perfumed, juicy red that goes down a treat. I have never seen a bottle of Italian Bonarda on sale in Blighty and it is a crying shame. Anyway, enough of that. I wonder if I shall make midnight. Doubtful.And if the insurance company will cough up for my new camera. Double doubtful.

*the grape that makes Bonarda, Croatina, was taken to Argentina by the first Italian immigrants.